Forever Loyal by Big Mouf’ Bo


Big Mouf’ Bo’s “Forever Loyal” is a personal tale that has the ability to resonate with others, making whoever hears it, wherever they are, feel like they’re hearing their own story. The secret ingredient in the emerging artist’s instant bonding is being genuine, in both music and life, telling the story as it is with its ups and downs, and keeping the beat as spicy as life’s challenges.


One of the fundamental reasons why I love music is because it has the power to support minorities and tell real stories that others can find relevant. Big Mouf’ Bo accomplished this in her latest single, “Forever Loyal,” delivering the heartfelt story exquisitely through a raw, solid performance and gangster-style beats.

“Forever Loyal is about both the complications and celebrations of life. I’ve had an equal experience of both the highs and lows growing up in the city of Chicago. I figured it was time to tell a story, which is not only my story but our story. This is to the children of the Ghetto.” – Big Mouf’ Bo

The percussion plays its role in being catchy and aligning with the powerful, naturally flowing delivery. However, a harmonic melody composed of mellow piano notes creates an intense vibe. It’s all brought together in a tight production that complements the authentic, bold take.

The 2-minute track has a high level of musicality that will appeal to any hip-hop fan. Big Mouf’ Bo certainly knows how to write and perform engagingly. To bring the piece to a close, there’s a fiery music video with a fancy yet organic touch that gives you the impression that the artist intended to tell the story to YOU.

BigMouf’Bo is embarking on 2023 with a bang with “Forever Loyal,” and she surely has all it takes to keep up the same blazing pace all year long.



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