Francis Blvd Is A Radical Neutral!

Artwork by The Focalister

Francis Blvd released his latest album ‘Radical Neutral’ on all streaming platforms.

He stated: “Here I am, boldly introducing myself. As an introvert, I’ve usually avoided being under the spotlight even as an artist, but I’ve challenged myself to leave my comfort zone.”

The song comes from his self-produced album, Radical Neutral, which is a peek into his life. “I’ve always had a fear of making an album that would share too much about myself with the world, but I think as an artist I felt that I needed to be honest, and allow it to be really relatable for people to care and enjoy.” – Francis explained.

He also clarified: “I have my family to thank for influencing me to become a better person. Their qualities and values have become a part of me, and along the way I have used their strengths to help forge my own path to become the person I am today. Instead of letting the river carry me down the currents, I am active and decisive, which is why I can now say that this new ambition, All Came From Me.”