Time Of Our Lives by Tarra


We’re going on a breezy trip that needs no packing or arrangements. All you’ve got to do is let the emerging pop artist Tarra take you to the vibrant realm of “Time of Our Lives.”

Tarra is a nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter from Mumbai who has energetic vocals and positive lyrical content that can fire a spark in the world’s darkness. Once I heard her latest single, “Time of Our Lives,” I found a resemblance between Tarra and Taylor Swift because of how she writes, detailing colorful views, mentioning places, and daydreaming. And according to Rolling Stone India, this is not just my opinion, as they called her Indian Taylor Swift.

“Time of Our Lives” is a definite feel-good song that needs one listen to carry you, whatever your mental state is, to its own vibe. The tune is structured to give the same charge of adrenaline that traveling does. It’s like rooming the world in your room while the composition, vocals, lyrics, and production all combine to make your magical vehicle in this escapade.

Natural sounds of waves and birds open the song. Mellow acoustic chords and atmospheric synth pave the path for Tarra’s soulful, zealous vocals to enter and ignite the mood. She has a young, dazzling timbre that lifts one’s spirits.

The catchy guitar riffs, bright synth notes, and dynamic claps, and how they all came together through brilliant musicality, undoubtedly captured the getaway spirit. Her carefree, gleeful performance conveys the notion of lyricism. You’d be drawn to the euphoric ambiance if you read the lyrics separately because the talented musician knows how to use words to create a cinematic, alive scene.

This is more of a summery song, and the airy, bliss-to-the-eyes music video confirms this. So, I guess Tarra is booking a top spot on your new summer playlist.

Now I can leave you to groove with the song while enjoying a fact about how its making process witnessed its own adventure:

“Time of Our Lives”. Just like the theme of the song, travel, and adventure, the song has traveled all over the world. Tarra wrote and recorded the track in her hometown, Mumbai, produced it remotely with Nashville-based billboard-charting producer Taylor Franklyn on zoom, and finally finished it up with the help of Miami engineer Austin Leeds. The music video was filmed in Dubai.” – Tarra


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