Fresco, parce by Departure


Intuitive, Intelligent, and Soulful. That’s what came to mind during my listening to this stunning piece of work from Departure, who’s back with his third release for 2022. ‘Fresco, parce’, is a wordless piece about letting go of second-guessing oneself. A point that I personally felt reverberate within me.

Departure is Camilo Toston. A brilliant electronic music producer with his base of operations in London. In this piece he wanted to address creatives from all fields, who seem to get stuck in their own head, second-guessing every aspect of their work. Being stuck in this judgmental loop really hampers an artist’s progress, as well as his quality of work.

How has he managed to express this? Very well. The song is basically a chill down-tempo that puts in mind Bonobo at his finest hours. A glitchy electronic segment starts the song and acts as its entire first half. Full of processed vocals and quirky, poppy synths here and there. It’s an energetic segment full of color that makes it very hard to imagine Mr.Toston having a creative crisis. This section is not devoid of guitar riffs in a thick, creamy tone, and a brass section that plays all those seemingly haphazard notes that add a ton of jazzy character in the blender.

A chill interlude is a final rest from all the chaos of the first half, as it takes us gently by the hand to the second half of the piece. A cacophony of jazzy clean guitars, a massive brass section playing a melodic riff along a chilled-out beat. A part that’s entirely devoid of chaos. An organized and intentionally orchestrated piece of music that’s a testament to Departure’s amazing talent in creating fully fleshed-out sonic paintings. Jazzy, mature and chill, and perfectly in balance with the rest of the song.

Perhaps it’s difficult to sympathize with Departure’s creative struggles after listening to this perfectly paced and arranged piece of instrumental down-tempo music. A complete and immersive listen that’s as introspective in purpose as it is expansive in musicality. 


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