Perrenque by Departure


Colombian artist Camilo Toston, under the name ‘Departure’, takes us on a bubbly and rhythmic adventure with his latest track ‘’ Perrenque’’, from London, UK. Claimed as his fourth release this year, the track was released on the 6th of October. He is musically inspired by big names in the international EDM industry; like Solomun, and Ben Bohmer. Toston previously mentioned that he is interested in exploring the collage of organic, tactile sounds and digital, synthesized ones.

This notion in itself gives Toston space for special attention to what sounds he decides to put together. He is determined to bring different elements to the table of the electronic genre.

Perrenque is a 5-minute track that is dedicated to his sister.  It’s a small homage to her because he sees that she is an example of a life greatly lived. The name means many things: bravery, courage, and resilience. The overall sound of the song is very comforting, and calming and takes you on a trip. There is a vocal sound in the track that is cut as it plays many times, making a unique sound effect of a human, creating even more texture to the sound as a whole. Although the song is purely electronic, there is a feeling that is filled with nature about it in the first half.

A notable sound is a sound like a car honking from a distance and things breaking discretely at the begging of the song as it builds up into the intense electronic chorus. The musical arrangement is complex and blends all the sounds very well. You can tell there is a xylophone used which is also special.

Check this song for a cool soundtrack to your life, and the rest of the tracks, for a real ‘departure from planet earth!


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