Funny Button by Dave Hawley


Get ready for a trip of quirky, tasteful electronica that’s wholly open for interpretation from Maryland’s own Dave Hawley, a holder of a Master’s degree in music.

Funny Button is the latest in the list of Dave Hawley’s many funky, cooky, experimental electronic music releases. A tiny 2-song EP, with the songs being Funny, and Button, respectively, and I can commend the man for having a sense of humor. 

Experimental? Yes. Challenging? Not at all. Funny Button is actually a delightful breeze, maybe in ways that are hard to describe. Funny is driving and rhythmic, full of puffy, Tom-heavy beats that called to mind a less edgy version of Radiohead’s amazing ‘Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors’. The massive amount of rhythmic clatter make this short piece hypnotic and groovy, and the apparent lack of a clear melodic structure makes the piece easy to get lost in. Button is humorous and chill, starting like a theme from a 90s television program for children, the piece soon introduces a gorgeous violin arrangement that makes up for the absence of melody on the starting track. Button is sweet and comforting, the main synth sounds cloudy and sleepy, and the superb sub-bass adds a critical layer of sonic depth that makes the picture that little bit more complete.

I believe the world would be a better place if more people like Dave Hawley just got out of bed and decided to make beautiful, chill music that flows, flutters, and provide a blank canvas for us to paint all our interpretations over it. Funny Button is a fun release that’s low-key elegant and smart and full of nuance, and for this, I deeply thank Dave Hawley.