What If (A Dream Of Reality) by The Sweet Darkness


The Sweet Darkness’s latest single is a startling fusion of dark electronica and forest-y, folk music that will leave a taste of melancholy on the tongue for long after it is over.

A Berliner who decided to pack his stuff and move to the rural countryside of Helmstedt, Germany, The Sweet Darkness is the moniker for Gordon Gilette, who now, with a lot of calm around him, has decided to give more time and attention to make songs about the topics that intrigue him, and ‘What If (A Dream Of Reality)’ is the result of this. 

‘What If’ is a song about being unable to distinguish dreams from reality, and it achieves this through paradoxical lyrics that seem to revolve in endless circles around the word dream, a composition that’s haunting, simplistic, and endlessly dark, and an instrumental arrangement that features a resonant piano playing the chords, next to chill, trap beats, and a synth bass that shines a different light than expected on the piano chords, giving them an unexpected turn in the stellar, haunting setting of the song.

Paradoxical, cyclic, and dark, The Sweet Darkness’s latest single is a poignant piece of eerie electronica that’s unforgettable and tantalizing. 


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