Games by Chughey


Michigan-based Hip Hop artist Chughey released the break-up song “Games” on the 16th of December.

Chughey’s latest hip-hop release centres around a jazzy, melodic piano line that takes centre stage alongside his slurred raw vocal performance. “Games” is a track about a type of relationship where two partners equally learn how to properly love one another.

The production of “Games” features the complex melody of a piano and a swinging Mac Miller-type drum beat. The vocal production is mysterious, and takes the recording in interesting directions throughout the track, with a drunk, washed-out sound that ebbs and flows with dark emotion.

Chughey chose to pursue his newly kindled passion in music after a snow skating injury that stopped him skating for a year, and while he still steps onto the skateboard every now and then, his plunge into music has been a real change of heart for the artist as he continues his career with a discography of singles and albums that goes back as far as 2017.

Chughey reported that he is currently working on a new EP that features the ukulele, and it will be exciting to hear what this rising hip-hop star has in store as he experiments with new sounds and instruments.