Seven by Harshini Magesh


Artist Harshini Magesh released her first self-produced alt-pop single “Seven” on the 3rd of December from Acton, MA.

Harshini Magesh is a high school senior from Acton, Massachusetts who takes inspiration from hip-hop and K-pop. Harshini Magesh has produced two singles in collaboration with IndianRaga before, but this release is her first solo release, as she wrote, composed, sung, and produced the song by herself. 

“Seven” is a melodic and bouncy track about daily routines that feel like they’re not going anywhere. Is life going by too fast or too slow? Harshini Magesh says it feels like both at the same time, perhaps alluding to the effort one might put into their daily routine to maintain a status quo, without seeing the fruits of their labour as any real progress takes place.

The level of production, composition, songwriting, and arrangement on “Seven” is of the type of quality that would take two or three people working together working to make. It’s impressive then to know that “Seven” was wholly made by one person, and even more impressive to know that it’s one high school senior at the start of her musical career, and her name is Harshini Magesh.