Get Back Your Fight by Sarah Reeves


Sarah Reeves walks us through her mental health journey in her latest single, “Get Back Your Fight,” which is the first song written and produced solely by her. It’s an uplifting pop journey, yet it’s intimate and touching.

“Get Back Your Fight” went viral on social media with only the first verse and chorus, and Reeves was challenged to complete the song. The fruit of that challenge is this empowering song that not only expresses Reeves’s struggles but also that many can relate to and feel comforted by.

The song starts off with optimistic piano notes, and once Reeves’ vocals enter, the atmosphere becomes brighter. At first, her vocal line sounds dulcet and silky, but as the song progresses, we witness a powerful performance by the gifted artist’s captivating voice.

Every element of the song carries both dark and light hints. You can feel the down moments, yet you can feel the triumph of overcoming them. The hooking chorus gives a breakfree feel and urges one to not give up, no matter how hard healing is.

The instrumentals progress from lighthearted to epic, aligning with the splendid vocal delivery and the sincere lyricism of the emotional rollercoaster. Unlike the delightful piano, the strings add depth and an edgy ambiance, which strikes a balance. The entire production is solid and serves to deliver the message and inspire the listener.

Sarah Reeves is undoubtedly a talented musician, and she’s using her skills to convey her personal experiences as well as others’. “Get Back Your Fight” is her third release this year, following “Jealousy” and “Wanna Be Here.” There is new music on the way, leading up to a new full-length LP expected this fall. So stay tuned!


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