A Pretty Good Picture by MOUNTAIN CLIMER


One of the cruel facts of life is that from time to time we have to say goodbye to people we love, as death wins. After losing them, all we have left are memories in our minds and pictures of our best moments together. Mountain Climer’s “A Pretty Good Picture” is an emotional Folk take that paints quite a picture of how we deal with losing close people.

“No one dies gracefully. It’s about remembering people at their best, not at the end.” Says Jeremy Climer, the talented musician behind Mountain Climer’s musical project, and I have to agree with this one. We will always remember our loved ones by how they lived their lives, not by how they had to say goodbye for good.

I’m listening to this song while dealing with a recent loss, and it really gives me solace. This is why I love music! Sincere artists like Mountain Climer convey their personal experiences through their touching art, and listeners like me feel that they are not alone.

Everything about the song is graceful and heartfelt. The mellow acoustic playing along with the warm, poignant vocals offer a serene feel. The harmonica adds a joyous hint, which eases the sentimental intensity. It’s a bittersweet combination, but with the lighthearted melody and sincere performance, you’ll feel comforted more than aching.

It was an overwhelming listening experience; however, I loved every bit of it. Mountain Climer is a genuine artist, and he’s got authentic music to offer. He’s currently preparing three EPs and a full-length LP, and I can’t wait to hear them. Stay tuned so you get to enjoy them too!




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