Get Myself Out by Beyond The Sun

Chris Borges

Toronto-based Alt. Rock trio “Beyond The Sun” strikes a familiar chord once more with their latest single Get Myself Out. The single is partly a blast from the not-too-far-past, meaning that it has the skeleton of 2000s anthemic Pop-Rock, but is also a modern and fresh-sounding piece as well. The sound of energizing guitar chords with some pounding drums starts off the song with the lyrics

 “Looking at my face in the mirror 

The circles under my eyes

I’ve been lost for months

Still sleeping on the inside”

Such lyrics reminded me of how it is another 2000s tradition to have lyrics that deal with mental and personal issues during the song’s verses, only to meet them with a bombastic and hopeful chorus. And this is exactly what Get Myself Out does. There is a short silence before the drums and vocals roar the chorus with full force. The processing/effects on the vocals make it feel like a whole choir is singing together in harmony. By the time we reach the second chorus, there is an uplifting synth line that takes us to the bridge and one final chorus before the calm intro with which the song fades out and ends. What brothers Phil, Dalton, and Colin Radu started as a family project is now panning out to be one of the most promising Alternative Rock acts in Canada and probably the whole Alternative scene too. It’s always a pleasure to hear songs that are based on a catchy hook and stompy drum beat that will unite many different tastes and demographics. I salute the three brothers for their sweet new tune and their love of writing anthemic and catchy songs.