Take A Stand by Jaded Jane


The latest single from Gothenburg-based artist Jaded Jane is a testament that pop songs can be full of innovative lyrics and cool instrumentation. Take A Stand is a soft-rock number that will appeal to RnB, Soul, and Pop fans alike. It’s easily accessible and doesn’t require attention to detail for pop listeners to like and appreciate it for what it is. Being a soft song, a slow tempo feels like a necessity, which is further complimented by the tenderness of Axel Jane’s voice giving this song much-needed warmth in the times of silence between the notes. It has a pretty similar vibe to the song Try by P!nk. There are some added female backing vocals that are subtle but also stress out the narrative in the lyrics. Speaking of which, I didn’t expect such deep and insightful lyrics from the singer-songwriter genre to be honest, as they deal with one-dimensional topics most of the time. But I have to say that Axel Jane hit jackpot with this single. Giving each other love and nourishing those around us till they can “take a stand” is the beautiful message encapsulated in this dreamy track. The bass guitar was played by Axel’s brother, Adam Jane & the guitar by Jerry Sillah, with the song being co-written with Markus Sundvall. The song also features Erik Bodin from Little Dragon & is mixed by Roberto Laghi, which made the sound balanced and polished. This is an easy listen on a lazy afternoon that won’t require more than open ears and an open heart to its message. Cheers.


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