Get Outta My Head by Sofia Evangelina

Sierra Stone

Canada-born, Dubai-based rising star Sofia Evangelina has released an I-got-you-song in which she explores the ambivalent feelings associated with falling in love despite having no desire to. Her relatable single, “Get Outta My Head,” is a fatty. It’s all on point and definitely going to stick in your head for a while.

It’s not easy to pick a starting point to write about when each individual element is mesmerizing! It’s all on-fleek, well-thought-of, and crafted skillfully to be combined in an alluring atmosphere.

“Get Outta My Head” kicks off with some mellow piano notes that put you instantly in the mood and get you swaying. The engaging R&B and Pop blend take you from slightly swaying to lightly flaying with all of your senses, organs, and sensations. The appealing arrangement gives off the impression that the rhythms are a group of waves intertwined together in unison to create a serene yet powerful and pleasant ambiance.

The song conveys the tussle of not wanting to fall in love but losing anyway. The lyrics mix the conflict emotions of resistance, fear, and pride with reality and dreams into one notion that’s impossible to get rid of.

Leaving the best for last, Sofia Evangelina’s ethereal voice. She has a wide vocal range with a sultry tone and an impressive, passionate performance that is breathtaking. Having a resemblance to Rihanna, Ariana Grande, and some Tori Kelly hints. Nevertheless, she doesn’t mirror anyone in the scene; she exudes an organic feel all her own.

It’s self-evident that Sofia Evangelina is an extraordinary musician with a rich, enticing voice that no matter what one says to it, “Get Outta My Head,” it won’t! It’s the kind of addiction you won’t wish a detoxication for.  





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