Serenity by Shab


The Iranian-born, Dallas-based dazzling star, Shab, is proving that she’s not like anyone else; releasing a summery song that is more refreshing than summer itself. “Serenity” is a song that brings your favorite atmosphere to you, whether it’s thin, chilly air, warm sun rays, or a combination of both.

Shab is a pop artist who has been gaining attention and enticing hearts from late 2020 till now, and with every new single, her star is shining more and more. By the end of July, she released “Serenity,” a sonic and visual escape that instantly builds a positive atmosphere.

A soothing intro with the sound of natural waves sets the mood for “Serenity” right away. The sound of the track proves how aptly named it is, as it promotes serenity from the first to the last note. The song’s affection is expressed through the uplifting, colorful electronic rhythm, and the clean pop, which creates a pleasant atmosphere. The Grammy-winning producer, Damon Sharpe, has undoubtedly added his profound touch and provided us with a refined sound bliss.

Love sensations are up in the air in the single. The steamy, passionate lyrical theme captures the aroma of being in love and the comfort of having someone as a home while giving you all the love you could possibly want.

Shab’s voice resembles a keyhole leading to heaven. Her deep, heartfelt vocals captivate you and leave you feeling as at peace as the water, sky, and sun when they come together in a beautiful setting. She is both swaying with the music and gently portraying the lyrics in the same smooth, seductive tone.

The music video is the last piece that’s been craftily made to make sure you’ve found “serenity” in the song, bringing natural scenes filled with intimacy to tranquilize your day and take you back to summer whenever you see it.

A charming voice, a heavenly feeling, and ears and eyes ecstasy are brought together in the feel-good song, “Serenity,” below.



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