GIRL by Georgia Hoareau


Georgia Hoareau, a bedroom-pop artist based in Australia, marks her return after her February release “Therapy” with her brand-new bittersweet single “GIRL.” Just a year earlier, Georgia was only a high school student when she began recording and producing her songs in Brisbane’s Head Atlas – Hunting Ground Studios with Brisbane producer Joel Myles (Jack Bratt, Harry J Hart, Clint Boggs). The result of the collaboration was “17,” her debut track, which was released in October 2021 and received airplay on Triple J’s Unearthed High and Unearthed radio broadcasts. It was with the release of this single that her compositional and singing talents were first recognized. “Therapy,” her second single, was released in February 2022 to widespread praise. Georgia is currently working on her debut EP, which she plans to release by the end of August 2022.

Steeped with teen anguish and mellow synths, “GIRL” narrates the age-old tale of young love coming abruptly to an end. Yet, unlike other contemporary contemplative breakup power ballads, it adopts a more sympathetic tone that offers hope to all of us heartbroken souls.

Georgia’s powerful vocals serve as the ideal focal point for a backdrop of mellow synths; they pierce through the melody with deep, striking tones, which yields more definition and character to the song. The compassionately delicate theme of the song captures the anguish of falling apart and the need to rebuild from the ensuing wreckage in a way that resonates with most people.