Lips by Kaisa Rya


Kaisa Rya is a current music student, based in Hamburg, Germany who just started releasing her music this year. She’s a solo artist who loves to perform with a varying number of her friends who are also music students from Hamburg, with the main instruments being drums, bass, guitar, and backing vocals.  The up-and-coming artist released two singles earlier this year “Nothing” and “Ego”; in no time her songs and vibe have gained the liking of the audience with ‘Ego’ reaching over 50K views on YouTube and over 8K streams on Spotify. At the same time, “Nothing” reached over 2K streams on Spotify too. Her main influences are the infamous Dua Lipa and Bruno Mars. She has also performed a solo show at Planten un Blomen MusikPavillion. 

Rya drops her third single “Lips” and it’s not any less attractive if not even more. Kaisa has a special performing style with lots of edginess in character and an assertive attitude which shows in her choice of beats, sound effects used, and vocal style. The song is fun, and upbeat, and will surely make you swing those hips and dance the night away, I can imagine the song playing in a club and setting the dance floor on fire with its epic beat. The lyrics were inspired by the artist’s love life when her boyfriend told her that he didn’t love her and yet his actions stated otherwise so after a long time being torn, she finally reached a conclusion and that’s when she came up with the song. she emphasizes the importance of reading body language and how it is always important to listen to one’s inner voice and let It guide you. “Lips” was recorded in the Melloton Studios in Hamburg, with Jan-Philipp Kelber on vocal production, Joachim Schlüter on mixing and mastering, and Julian Seiler on production and arrangement. Another song to add to your summer playlist, don’t miss it!