Girl Code by EDIE YVONNE


LA based artist Edie Yvonne released her latest single “Girl Code”…a musical pop symphony that hits the melodic bullseye from the first try…

“Girl Code” is the first release out of the collaboration between Edie and producer Rio Root and also the first writing collaboration with Maddy Simmen…and that tells us a lot…if Edie’s musicality was captured and introduced in that new light with “Girl Code” being the result of that…I believe that her star will only shine brighter with upcoming releases.

Edie’s vocals are soft, emotional yet powerful in its musicality and presence…

The song also has a very high dynamic approach, meaning…that the song starts with a pop approach that is taking cues from the punk-ish riffing attitude of steady riffing…the beat is also on the slow and smooth side…

…however as the song progresses, the power keeps kicking it up a step…and Edie’s vocal charisma keeps shining more and more…and when the song goes into the peak of its musical energy, the song goes for a very upbeat world…the beat goes into double time, even though that happens for a brief period, but it keeps your anticipation levels through the roof, till it finally delivers this energy kick.

Edie has a very unique vocal performance and singing charisma, she’s a unique talent with unique musical delivery…and this is just the beginning.

We wish all the best to Edie, Rio and Maddy…we have absolutely high hopes for what’s to come next, especially that they rocked our world with their first collaboration and they raised the bar for a whole scene.




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