sun’s out by Juva


Manchester based rapper Juva releases his new single “Sun’s Out”, the established artist has already released a hit prior to this one, “Don’t Give A Fuck” which got around the 150K listens on Spotify…Juva is a musical disruptor finding ways to always create a fresh feeling and a unique mood.

This time around, Juva gives the world a new rap hit that translates the feelings of those summer days, when the sun is out shining and the weather is pleasantly warm…this cozy mood is what his latest song is all about…afterall the song’s name is “Sun’s Out”…

With speaker thumping 808s and a solid beat that lingers in the soul, you could feel the sun rays hitting you, giving you the warmth and the feeling of a good day that’s about to start…


“Sun’s Out” also makes excellent use of an instrument that carries the mood of the sun and sea, the steelpan, an absolutely brilliant choice of production…the steelpan really takes us to a place near the sea and many palm trees…along with the musical sound beds that are created with the pads in the background…you could almost feel the warmth of the sun.

Juva’s lyrical flow instantly hooks the listeners, his cadence is musical, almost anthemic…which is something that you don’t get to hear in many rap songs…but he does it brilliantly and makes it feel like a piece of cake…I can’t talk enough about the musicality in his vocal performance, it’s on another level.

The song evokes the emotions of partying outdoors during the summer, Juva even says “Sun’s Out, it is so amazing, I’m alive”…and he’s right about that…

…when art, music in this case, makes you feel cozy, happy and alive…it transcends the concept of a song and elevates the experience to palpable feelings of life itself…

Wishing all the best to Juva and can’t wait to experience more of his unique approach to emotional storytelling through his songs…



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