Global Warning by Venior


Emelie Sederholm or Venior is a multi-talented artist, singer-songwriter, producer, painter, sculptor, and “garbage designer” from Finland, working on her projects from Berlin, and here we are, enjoying one of her singles, “Global Warning”.

“Neon Pussy Universe” is Venior’s style and creates a whimsical, artistic world infused with color by combining chaotic and experimental rhythms with deep bass, powerful vocals, and a powerful message.

In “Global Warning” she targets the world and the actions that have afflicted humanity and continue to wreak havoc on our planet’s ecosystems and change all life on Earth and says it is time to take back ourselves and seize our rights, this is how Venior thinks.

With this song, our singer raises the alarm, and sends us one of her powerful messages that we humans are in great crisis; Created by the pursuit of money and individual goals, disregarding the nature we consume and deplete when it demands all reverence and respect for what it gives us.

“Global Warning” is a rebellious statement from Venior with all its elements against all the evils we create against the ecosystem that contains us, telling us that we are not here to destroy life on this planet.

Venior is an artist who attracts us every time to what she does. She has the drive and ability to create a world free of crises. Through her creativity, she explores other worlds that she presents to us through her wonderful music, so listen to her.


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