Do You Love Me? By A.R.B.


After turning A.R.B. From lawyer to DJ, producer, and songwriter, the Canadian artist has unleashed his creativity, releasing electronic dance music and deep house to suit any occasion and party venue.

A.R.B. Gathering his tools and instruments to play with his talents and begin his artistic journey that the world will listen to, releasing his first work may be a daunting task for some except for A.R.B., where he presented his first great single “Do You Love Me?” That created the perfect first impression for his audience.

This energetic beat was released by A.R.B. At the end of 2020, he presents for the first time an elegant and somewhat profound progressive style in which he presents himself, using emotional plotting to entice the listener as the track progresses.

In “Do You Love Me?” Key elements have been used throughout which are perfect for the style used, A.R.B. conveys. Between the notes, you hear from the beginning until the second 30 a prelude, which the artist continues until the first minute ends, then he enters a curve in which the sound echoes with the name of the track at minute 1.40 and with it the wonderful main note begins with a basic bass line and continues until the end.

An immersive, hypnotic experience that instantly pulls you into the creative glow of dynamic diversity, finding yourself dancing with the catchy hook and hitting the repeat button to listen again to the track.

Fans of new electronic music will appreciate what happened in “Do You Love Me?” And they’ll want to follow A.R.B. To enjoy more of its releases.



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