God Gave Me You by Eric Cohen


From Kansas City, the proud religious son, husband, and rapper Eric Cohen released a brand new single titled ‘God Gave Me You’.

A classic Hip-Hop track generated mainly by the theme of the beat using the old school sound in drums with a little bit of a melodic touch by guitars and also Eric’s flow and ad-libs insured the theme.

The flow is raw which is good, yet it’s much rawer than needed and would’ve sounded relentlessly better if auto-tune was introduced through the mastering process.

The rhymes are kinda corny and mess up the surprise factor of giving unrepeated, mind-tricking rhymes, given that the track is old school it needed some deeper vocabulary adding some complexity to the vibe and meaning. 

God Gave Me You’ is obviously a love letter, written by Cohen to his SO, and simplicity was the key for him,  but why not make it mass, deeper and vast to reach more listeners?

The chorus is catchy and grabs the ears just by reading the title; you don’t read it, you sing it.

Play the track, and leave your opinion in the comment section below!


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