Borderline by IRYS

VI productions

 Artist IRYS based in Berlin, Germany fashions a dark and sexy aura with her latest release ‘Borderline’, on the 30th of September. Venturing into dark electro-pop, this song has more of a Lofi character than any of her previous tracks. IRYS stated that she created this tune in her bedroom, using a guitar riff from an old song that never came to the light. IRYS started her musical career in 2021, and in so little time she can make her brand of feminine, edgy electronic music, and is often compared to artists like Charlie XCX, Grimes, and Lana del Rey.

Nobody is ready to embrace their vulnerability with this one. Borderline is the kind of song you want to listen to when you’re alone in a pajama, in a dimly lit room, and with a massive box of tissues. It talks about feeling shaky about trying to get out of a difficult place. It’s full of darkness and gloom, with a hint of feminine edge and beauty, like a white musk flower spraying its sweet scent amidst a navy night sky. It’s in the dark, but it’s still standing pretty. The song’s overall sound reminds me of doom metal music, but without the metal, and a sexy female vocalist. The musical arrangement is simple but powerful in a hollow kind of way with the emotions it conveys. The rhythm is slow-paced. The guitar is deep with a grunge tone, the drums’ sound effect is really soft, and the electronic part is a dark synthy sound that makes you feel like there’s a big hole in your chest. A notable sound is a piece of sound effect like a guy or a demon laughing.  As IRYS explains being ‘lost in a flashback’, her vocals are low pitched, almost whispery, and cold. You feel like her worse are brushing softly like a chilly wind on your body, you may shiver. This song is such a perfect start to slightly cold weather and a burdensome mind that wants to be set free.



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