Good Girl by QWEHRKE

Julianna Photography

Pop artist QWEHRKE based in Denver, US, is teasing us before Halloween with a party song that will be released as soon as the 31st of October, called ‘’Good Girl.’’ This song is really special, it’s reminiscent of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘’Girls just want to have fun.’’ It turns the tables on the patriarchy, encouraging you in a playful manner to get up, dance, and be yourself.  Qwehrke has a multicultural upbringing, which really made a profound effect on her life. She was born in Guatemala and raised in Colorado. Alongside her musical endeavors, she is the founder of Popcykol, a cyber security awareness company for kids.

If you wanna get up and get groovy all night, this song is a move-buster. To the girls who are forced to be good and obedient all the time, to the girls who are tired of the ‘’too many rules’’  female agenda, and to the girls who just wanna do whatever the hell they want, this one is for you. “Good girl” is all about female empowerment. Here’s to loudly embracing who we are and our own uniqueness, and we have QWEHRKE to thank for this extra push. The overall sound of the song is a positive tone drenched in rebelliousness and strength. The song’s musical structure, lyrics, and vocals altogether feel like a celebration. It just screams free and joyful as you listen to this quirky track. The musical arrangement is simple and like any pop song, the rhythm is fast. The music is composed mostly of magical, spacey sound effects that start slow, with a steady pace of drums sound effects. The vocals are a mix of straight-up singing from the heart and some high-pitched tones. Hit the play button at any party or car to jazz up the atmosphere with Good girl!



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