Change Your Mood by Gabrielle Sofia


All the way from Nova Scotia, Canada, multi-instrumentalist, writer, and vocalist Gabrielle Sofia released a fun and low-key sexy pop song called ‘ Change your mood’, On the 19th of August. It’s her first ever dance release, and the song’s sound was inspired by her own childhood mega pop star influences like Lady Gaga and Rihanna with particular tracks in mind like‘ Fame and Good girl gone bad. She wrote the song with the motive of wanting to create something that makes her feel better, and of course, that will have a ripple effect on her listeners too. 

Change your mood is the literal sound of what that feels like. The song is all about shaking it up and moving from bad or mundane, to good and cheerful. It’s made for dancing, and the lyrics encourage getting up on your feet too. The overall sound of the song is highly uplifting. It’s not your usual pop song because it has the undertone of sexiness and boldness in attitude which is crystalized by the vocalist’s attitude and image. The musical arrangement is rich with a lot of fun vocal tunes that make up the harmony of the song. The rhythm is medium paced and the mood has a contagious surge of energy. Gabrielle’s voice is so strong and she uses high pitch tones. This song is definitely a fan favorite. 


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