Grandpa & Grandma by Richard Lynch


“Grandpa & Grandma”, the latest offering from renowned country singer Richard Lynch, is a loving tribute to family and Appalachian heritage. Infused with elements of authenticity and raw emotions, this track offers a deep exploration of personal roots and the values that shape us.

Inspired by the real-life tales of Lynch’s and his keyboard player, Tony Williams’ families, the song presents a narrative steeped in the ethos of hard work, faith, and tight-knit family bonds. The poignant tales of Lynch’s father, one of nine siblings, and William’s father, one of eleven, provide a rich tapestry for the lyrics.

In this track, Lynch once again demonstrates his gift for storytelling. His vocals, seasoned with age, carry a weight of wisdom and nostalgia, painting an evocative picture of Appalachian culture and its enduring values.

The melody of “Grandpa & Grandma” resonates with the distinctive country flair Lynch is renowned for. The rhythm is comfortable and familiar, inviting listeners into the narrative, like a long-loved rocking chair on a rustic porch.

This track holds a special significance as it was the favorite song of their late guitar player, Tim Bennington. This dimension adds a moving layer of depth to the song, rendering it not only a celebration of family and roots but also a touching tribute to a lost friend.

As a sequel to his #1 Christian Voice Magazine single, “High Above the Midnight Sky”, “Grandpa & Grandma” seamlessly carries forward Lynch’s legacy of delivering music that touches the heart. Its promotion to Christian radio underscores its message of hope and resilience, making it a beacon of light in challenging times.

Richard Lynch‘s career, spanning four decades, is a testament to his musical prowess. With a list of chart-toppers both domestically and internationally, Lynch has always stayed true to his country roots. Collaborations with legendary artists like Ronnie McDowell, Leona Williams, and Grammy Winner Rhonda Vincent further emphasize his versatility and commitment to his craft.

In “Grandpa & Grandma”, Lynch continues to keep it real, articulating the simplicity and depth of country life with unmatched authenticity. It’s not just a song, but a heartfelt sermon on resilience, hope and undying values, wrapped in the comforting melody of a country rhythm.

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