Groove by Crisworld


Crisworld. The young writer, singer, and rapper. Had released his newest song “Groove” the last August from his place of residence in Las Vegas. The city of pure pleasure and lustrous things has taught Crisworld -maybe- the most important lesson in his life. Life isn’t about amusement but in fact about all the hard and unamusing things.

 “Groove” is the newest released song of Crisworld, which was simply written about all the unamusing things, the struggles, the pressures, and the hard decisions that must be taken in life. And most importantly trying to make the balance between all these elements together at a young age.

 It seemed that the young artist who is known to be influenced by J. Cole, JID, Pop Smoke, and Aaron May was trying to create his unique style in rap. He succeeded by discussing his personal experiences and thought through his rap. As his latest release “Groove” tells the story of a young man’s problems in creating balance in life. While last June released-song “No Man” tells the story of Crisworld who has been given a piece of advice not to fear anyone in life. Predictably the path of discussing his personal experiences and thoughts would create a connection between the artist and his fans. Who eagerly would like to listen to rap songs that speak about the same things they suffer from as youth.

 Crisworld. Started his first musical composition trials at the age of ten. Through time he was able to develop his skills and abilities greatly. Resulting in the creation of 5 songs by working completely alone.

 As he is used to writing, recording, mixing, and mastering his musical productions solo inside his home studio, or in other words his room. The room he succeeded in turning into a full creative space. Ready to produce neat musical pieces.



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