Who we be by Rose Spearman

Studio Tabak

Rose Spearman’s 7th October released song seems to be opening unhealed wounds again. “Who we be” is a song about the feeling of not belonging. The dominant feeling among millions of people in the current generation.

Through the song lyrics, Rose tells the true story of her reunion as a white girl with her black grandfather. And the grunts of astonishment that appeared from the crowd around them made her feel for the first time that she doesn’t belong.

The Netherlands-based artist wrote the song based on her personal experience of being scattered between her white and black family roots. Rose’s father was also a great inspirational element for her. His story of living between the USA and the Netherlands trapped him in a constant search for a home which encouraged Rose to write a song about what both, she and her father experienced.

“Who we be” is part of the artist’s upcoming album which is centralized around some of the deepest and most sincere feelings of the singer. Lost love, and losing yourself are 2 of the topics that Rose will also discuss in her new album.

All the songs of Rose’s upcoming album have a blue-like, and soulful melancholic yet full of hope. But contrary to the album theme, “who we be” is made using programmed electronic sounds. The song’s different style puts it under a new musical genre called “New Indie Industrial Soul.”

The artist’s latest single “Who we be” continues depending on her known style of producing music, loading it with mixed instruments with layered vocals is her way of production that seems to be liked widely by her fans. As her previously released song; “The Summer Falls“ reached 99K on Spotify while “Break The Code” got 26K listeners.




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