Guide Me Meron (Acapella) by JOSH TEPPER


In a very avante-garde and strong move, Josh Tepper released an acapella version of his hit single “Guide Me Meron”…this serves as a very personal and emotional journey…it feels like we’re standing in front of him in the studio!

Along with harmonies and backing vocals…the acapella version of “Guide Me Meron” feels full…maybe not of instruments, but full of emotions.

The original version garnered more than 400K streams on Spotify alone within just a few weeks…

The original song was a full production with huge drums, guitars, and a bombastic full, and rich sound…now, Josh is taking a more subtle production, a minimalistic and very emotional one…just his voice and soul.

The song talks about Mount Meron, which has special significance in the Jewish religious tradition. The village of Meron and the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai are on Mount Meron. Leading up to the anniversary of his death on Lag BaOmer, thousands of people camp out along the slopes near the tomb, and on Lag B’Omer itself, hundreds of thousands make pilgrimages to celebrate the occasion…thus the palpable presence of strong emotional and spiritual energies in this song, both the original and the acapella version.

The widespread success of the original has reached fans of all ages and from all around the world…it touched a lot of hearts and had a huge impact on many souls around the world.

Josh took the spiritual song to another global level…and we can only imagine how mesmerizing his upcoming work will be.

Wishing Josh all the best in life.



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