Rather Get High by LIAM J EDWARDS


Welsh artist Liam J Edwards just released the wave-making, hard-hitting single “Rather Get High”…with a very personal and emotional life experience, this song is filled to the brim with palpable feelings and a lot of heart.

Liam J Edwards ignited the flame of the musical journey with the release of the debut EP “Unnecessarily Complicated: The Prologue” in December 2021, bringing in more than 36,000 streams on Spotify till our day today!

“Rather Get High” is bursting with emotions…it is many things, its first minute is a piano and vocals-focused song, with a mix of a ballad and a musical, with Liam’s vocals ranging from the gritty low to the soaring highs…it transcends the normal everyday meaning of a song and also of a storytelling vocal performance…

After the first minute of “Rather Get High” you’ll be greeted with a huge wall of sound made of huge guitars and drums…it’s an epic climax…

The song keeps moving between the piano ballad and a huge rock spectacle with an iconic and emotionally escalating vocal performance from Liam.

“Rather Get High” is produced by Tim Hamill of Sonic One Studios, who famously worked with artists such as George Michael, Tony Hadley, and The Beat.

“Rather Get High” is a musical spectacle that shouldn’t be missed by you.

Wishing Liam all the best in life…and keep rockin’ the world.