Happy Xmas (War is Over) by Jeff Lake & Cellophane Flowers


If it’s Jeff lake you know you’re in for a jolly ride in his colorful sonic universe. Taking on a Christmas song as his first release since his debut EP ‘Field of grass’ in August 2020, here’s his freshest song ‘Happy Christmas’, a holiday feature with Cellophane flowers dropped on the 2nd of December from New York. Lake has over 200k streams on Spotify and 275k views on YouTube with his bluegrass cover of Janis Ian’s ‘Better times will come’. Lake is also working on a new Christmas show called ‘The Christmas Chronicles’, which gradually reveals the true meaning of Christmas over a series of visually enticing and sensational vignettes, and this song is the first part of the release. 

Get ready to soar like a bird in the sky and dance like dolphins in the ocean with the holy and cheerful spirit that lake introduces in his new song. The overall sound of the song is so uplifting and has a hint of seriousness because of the lyrics that make you think like 10 percent with his question what have we done? Yeah man we guess we all have to think about that but still through a beautiful, emotive, and collective message that gathers us with a happy tone. The musical arrangement is rich which starts with a medium-paced acoustic guitar backed with subtle chirpy and mellow violin. Notable sound effects are sleighing bells and xylophones that interchange a lot. The vocals are very charged with sensitivity, realness, and joy for the Christmas atmosphere. Check this song out on Spotify for fresh Christmas cheer!