Video: Major Jones by Major Kami

Shooting the clip: Brad Dillon

Major Kami’s “Major Jones” sounds like a “Space Oddity” sequel, transporting us to the magical cosmos where David Bowie created their fabrics, and it also pays homage to the music industry icon himself.

I was first introduced to Major Kami by the song “IYOAB” earlier this month, and I can still remember my immediate impressions: the project of Canadian singer Camille Miller, aka Major Kami, and the French group DAMde8 offered eccentric synthpop with a retro flavor as well as unique storytelling smoothly through a delicate, emotional vocal line.

Thanks to the producer Denis Expert and another thirty musicians from around the world, this musical project was born in 2019 and developed into this organic sound with a distinct artistic identity.

“Major Jones” has sentimental value because it honors David Bowie’s legacy with its obvious inspiration. It doesn’t need a special mood or place to be heard; once you hear it, it’ll do its magic and spaceship you to a galaxy full of peppy synth, dynamic beats, and a sugary vocal line with solemnity and sincerity in its tone, crafting atmospheric soundscapes.

The creative lyricism makes you immersed in the compelling storytelling and effortlessly lures you to make your own journey with its heroic imagery. Major Kami’s impassioned delivery compels you to be “outfit ready,” too, looking for both Major Tom and Major Jones to endure the adventure while being charmed by the relaxed tunes.

If you don’t have the subtle ride to venture into outer space, watch the “Major Jones” music video, which features an elegant black background, dazzling colored lines, and the talented singer herself as a convincing astronaut. Engines one and enjoy the free space odyssey!


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