Heaven by KIMMERLY


Artist KIMMERLY will sway you with her angelic and tender vocals as easily as breathing. Her latest release ‘ Heaven’, will stun you in the most magical way possible, an R&B cover of the song of Julia Michaels as shown in the movie Fifty Shades Of grey. KIMMERLY completely flipped the song from a pop tune to a darker and moodier alternative sound that is just captivating. With an album and many singles since her start as an artist in 2022, you will find gems and joys in her voice and musical persona. 

With a soundscape of a slow and somehow minimal R$B compared to the extravaganza of the R&B sound, this version of Heaven possesses a dark and ethereal vibe to it and a very lowkey seductive and melancholic tone. The tenderness of the vocals in addition to the very subtle presence of submission depicted in the music altogether make a spectacularly raw and open feeling that is in touch with the divine feminine. The overall sound of the song is alluring and beautiful in all of its aspects. It’s moody in such a way that it will sway you into gentleness. The musical arrangement is nicely crafted to the message. You’ve got passionate and dark violins at the back of the song, magical acoustic guitar, clapping that sets the slow pace and a deep and moving melody. The music also almost feels like it’s muffled and bouncing lots of echoes. The vocals are to die for. This song is just extra special with KIMMERLY’s hypnotizing, almost whispery sound. More is yet to come from this amazing artist!


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