Her by Pierce Braedon


Pierce Braedon drops an elegant, intricate piece of shimmering bedroom pop that’s more rewarding than first meets the eye.

Hailing from Poplar Bluff, Missouri, Pierce Braedon is a singer-songwriter whose color of pop music on his latest single release, a song titled ‘Her.’, is shimmery, airy, and dramatic. Starting on guitar at the age of 13, it’s easy to see it as Pierce’s weapon of choice, as he uses a sparkling clean electric to lay down the foundations of this piece. It comes in the form of arpeggiated power chords, and if you know something about guitar, you’ll know that two words that aren’t usually seen with power chords are ‘clean’ and ‘arpeggiated’, and this tells of a songwriter who’s willing to experiment a bit. 1

The song’s rhythm is driving and its synth bass is juicy and fully populates the lower end of the sonic spectrum. Pierce’s performance is effortless and relatable, and his bittersweet lyrics beautifully fit the composition’s melancholy. The song’s finale is definitely memorable, as it breaks the pace of the rest of the song with a new, descending chord progression that erupts with emotions before the song ends abruptly on a high note.

‘Her,’ sounds like a heartfelt dedication, and if that’s true, then Pierce’s honesty and earnestness earn him just as much praise as his stunning songwriting. But if not, then ‘Her.’ still easily stands out as a heartful piece of bedroom pop that’s meticulously crafted and full of love.  


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