Me Myself and I by DJ Platinum Vibes


One of the greatest secrets in life is the formula for crafting a hit song…

…it might be a myth…

But from time to time we do come across a hit song and we might not know what makes it a hit even…but for the sake of argument…let’s say there is a checklist to craft a hit song…

If that’s true, then DJ Platinum Vibes might have checked all the boxes of a hit song on his way to creating his latest single “Me, Myself and I”.

“Me, Myself and I” is an electronic, pop, dance song that tells the story of a woman trying to break free from a troubled relationship…while her male counterpart tries to get her back over and over…the song is performed by two singers, which makes the concept of the song interwoven into the delivery of it. This is special.

Before getting into this checklist of a hit song and how DJ Platinum Vibes did it…let’s get to know the talents behind “Me, Myself and I”…

Under one spotlight, we have Kevin James, DJ Platinum Vibes himself.

Kevin is from New York and he’s an international deejay, producer, and recording artist and a well-known radio personality too.

He also released music under ‘Dgammafiv’ and ‘GammaFi Sound Machine’…and he worked on a wide variety of music genres including pop, hip-hop, R&B, alternative…and many more.

Under the second spotlight, we have SUGAR BEAR. W well an established dancehall and reggae artist that moved from Jamaica to New York and his love of music made him pursue it professionally.

He made several hits, recorded many songs, and performed them all over the world literally…in Japan, Canada, the UK, and all over the US…and he too performed his music in his home country of Jamaica.

…there is another spotlight that was reserved for the female vocalist in “Me, Myself and I”, but I couldn’t really get any information about her, but she definitely deserves a spotlight, her performance is nothing short of great.

So…it’s about time to get back to the checklist of making a hit song…and by dissecting Kevin’s latest hit “Me, Myself and I”, we should get a clearer image of what he’s done…and why this song is an absolute hit.

…starting out…the ambient synth sounds in the first couple of seconds… capture your hearing…

The female vocal that I was talking about…captivates you in an ambient cloud till the dance synths start kicking in…

..taking us to the ramp us and rising into a lovely colorful explosion of dance beat, SUGAR BEAR’s vocal flow…the musical structure is easy on the ears…the sounds are perfect, pads, pianos, drum grooves…the vocal layers of the mellow female vocals along with the flow and passion of SUGAR BEAR, this fusion is a blast to listen to.

So…modern, catchy ambient chill sections…check

…….punchy kick that blows you away….check

…….dancy drum groove that makes you move…check

…….a fusion between female and male vocals with a story to tell…check

…….top notch production value and the highest quality levels of mixing and mastering…check

…….anthemic melodies and musical elements…check

If that’s the formula, then DJ Platinum Vibes has cracked the code and it’s only a matter of time till we hear his latest single everywhere, all the time.

A highly recommended artist to follow for all electronic, dance, and upbeat music in general, really.

Kevin, we wish you all the best in life, and we’ll be on the lookout for your future releases.


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