Hey Alright! by Ashley Wolfe


Rising pop artist Ashley Wolfe has recently taken the music world by storm with her debut single “Hey Alright!” The infectious dance-pop ballad has garnered over 2,000 streams and 1,900 listeners on Spotify in under a month, showcasing the incredible potential of this talented artist. Joined by Keith Low as a songwriter and guitarist, the duo has created an upbeat and groovy tune that’s sure to get stuck in your head with its catchy melodies and energetic sing-along vocals.

The song opens with a very groovy acoustic guitar that immediately sets the tone for the upbeat and uplifting track. With upbeat drums and Ashley’s energetic yet expressive voice, the listener is quickly drawn into the positive message of hope, love, and the power of a strong connection with someone else to light up the night and guide us through even the darkest moments. Ashley’s lyrics are known to be “honest and heartfelt, reflecting the joys and struggles of love, friendships, and the ups and downs of life” and this message is strongly conveyed in “Hey Alright!”.

On stage, Ashley is described as an energetic beast who leaves the audience breathless. It’s easy to see why when listening to “Hey Alright!” and witnessing the passion and energy that Ashley brings to her songs. With this debut single, Ashley has firmly established herself as a pop artist to watch. Fans of catchy, upbeat tracks with meaningful lyrics will undoubtedly fall in love with her music.