Poison Apple by Josh Tepper


Josh Tepper, a rising artist from New York, just released his latest electrifying single “Poison Apple” on March 6th. With a background in music and cinema studies, Josh is quickly making a name for himself in the industry since starting his musical career in February of last year. Prior to “Poison Apple,” he released four singles, accumulating more than 200k streams and 24k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

In “Poison Apple” Josh shares his personal experience of being in a toxic environment while encouraging and helping others to leave toxicity behind. He describes the song as an “anthem for taking back your freedom, leaving the negative, and staying strong”.

The song features upbeat drums and a bouncy and groovy synth bass that creates a chill and groovy vibe, accompanied by an ambient synth that adds a layer of depth to the atmosphere and gives the listener a floating sensation. Josh’s warm voice and melodic lead synth, along with reverbed lead guitar, infuse the song with a feel-good vibe.

Overall, “Poison Apple” is a perfectly produced song that touches on a relatable issue while helping listeners overcome it. It is guaranteed to end up on your night drive playlist. Be sure to check it out.


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