Hitman by Met Montrel

Damage Media Group, LLC

Artist Met Montreal from Memphis, US, released a genuinely sexy R&B track called “Hitman’, on the 28th of October, really showing us what it means to be hitting it metaphorically and literally ( if you know what we mean). This song is inspired by a real-life experience from a sexual encounter with somebody. Initially, Met wanted to write a love song about getting over somebody who hurt him. He always tries to play it safe with lyrics and beat but this time the inspiration was flying off the handle which made him freestyle the lyrics after attempting not to. Met really shows us what the result of taking a creative risk results in, a smashing creation!

This song is for everybody who can’t let go because of how good sex is. This can also translate to toxic relationships or being with people you shouldn’t be with. The overall sound of the song is emotional and real. The song is extremely sexy and the beat is outrageously dynamic and vigorous, synonymous with the topic of the song. The musical arrangement is a rock with a lot of hard-hitting basses, electronic beats, and a prominent, loud clapping sound that set the medium pace of the beat. The melody is delicious and catchy, and Met’s vocals are in touch with his feelings, very direct, honest, and definitely savage. Hit this song for a sensational vibe or send it to somebody you know will love this beat!


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