Silly by Mia Delamar

Demitri Nader

Rising star Mia Delamar released a soulful R&B sensation called “Silly’ on the 5th of November from Atlanta, Georgia, US.  The 24-year-old artist contributes to showing her raw talent and sense of belonging to the music community since her single ‘Cool’ secured over 135K streams and more. With this new single, she offers continuous consistency in the high quality of her vocal performances and music delivery. Some of her inspirations include Ariana Grande and Aaliyah.

The vocals, the attitude, the sound, and the charisma are just all in your face packaged in a nice red ribbon to you as a musical recording when it comes to Mia’s music. She is clearly made for musical fame and success. The song is about being a fool for somebody you loved. The overall sound of the song is powerful, feminine, and nostalgic. This is the ultimate girl hype! There are hints of old-school hip hop in the music, some early 2000’s vibes that cannot be missed as you hit play. She brought the diva glamor of female rappers and performers from that time. The musical arrangement is mind-blowing. The beat is just absolutely insane. There are a lot of drums and bass that are the stars of the track, with something like a harp’s sound effect that creates a sexy melody. Mia’s vocals are so special they’re actually addicting. They’re juicy and smooth. The rapping part is just fly and nonchalant, and the texture is made with a lot of perfectly high-pitched vocals from Mia. The song is relatively slow-paced, and Mia’s energy is just radiant, confident, and savage. We can’t wait for what is yet to come from Mia!


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