Hoe Days by Elisa Ailes

Claudia Di Rito

Elisa Ailes, a senior at Brighton University, already started working on her dreams and career before graduating. After being forced to go back to her home in Stockholm due to the pandemic, she went after her passion and started writing and producing her music from her old bedroom. While she was staying in touch with her friends digitally, she met Brenan Cross who later became her producer after she returned to England. Elisa is a vocalist and a songwriter who also plays the piano and ukulele. She is highly influenced by Billie Eilish, also by Audrey Nuna, Veronica Maggio, Joji, and Jordan Rekhai. Apart from her three singles released so far, Elisa regularly posts on TikTok glimpses of her lifestyle, songwriting, and production process with some demos and covers that have reached thousands of views. Her debut single “Yada Yada” and her 2nd single “Skinny Garden” received huge recognition on different platforms. 

‘Hoe Days’ is about wanting a more serious relationship than a casual encounter, it’s about maturing and learning when to walk away if the situation doesn’t fit you anymore. It’s a pop, R&B track with laid-back, chilled vibes that’ll leave you wanting for more. The chords are on loop throughout the track with a consistent simple beat with a variety of sound effects changing along the track and its mood. The chorus has a sci-fi sound effect in the background that makes it interesting. Ailes has a low-pitched and seductive voice that lures you in. The track’s musical context is mainly built on the “drum samples found in lo-fi hip hop mixed with 90s synths” as the artist mentions. 

“I want to make the kind of music I needed when I was 17”, said Elisa Ailes during an interview. I find an artist with this mindset is powerful, inspirational, and passion-driven, a combo that is not so easy to find. 


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