Höhn Revealed Red Earth Creek Music Video

The indie pop artist, Höhnreveled his latest techno tune Red Earth Creek off his upcoming album which set to be released on March 31, 2023.
Check out his message about the song below:
“The start of a backpacking trip always evokes a sense of adventure and slight wariness, and I wanted to begin my upcoming album, Höhn (out March 31st), in the same way.
We remember the perseverance that takes over in the elements, the capacity for non-human connection to sway and shift our insides into a primal state of relaxation.

Listen to my ¾ time techno song, “Red Earth Creek,” featuring the sounds of Banff National Park’s Redearth Creek itself burbling in the background on your preferred platform.

I visited this area after an unusually rainy period; the trade-off for the lush scenery was an exceptionally buggy trip. It was challenging to capture a long enough recording without stopping to swat mosquitoes away—they also feature on this song.
Everyday sounds are art in and of themselves. I hope that you enjoy this further exploration into the natural world which both “Red Earth Creek” and my debut record as a whole inhabit.”


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