We! by Bromsen


Bromsen’s latest and third released single to date is an exciting euro-pop single that’s loud, bombastic, and full of attitude. Filled to the brim with lightning-sharp synths and anthemic vocals, ‘We!’ Is a song that could easily pass as one of Alphaville’s or Modern Talking’s stellar synth pop 80s anthems.

Released in Celebration of their friendship and musical brotherhood, Bremsen is an indietronica duo that hails from Berlin, and I think that’s fitting. The Berliner duo have been performing together since the mid-00s, under many guises, and in various formats. 

‘We!’ Sees Bromsen at their most electrifying. This synth-pop gem is invigorating with its cutting edge synth sounds, its crisp production, and its tight beats, but where it shines most brightly would probably be in its stellar vocal deliveries and melodies. With a massive, anthemic chorus, and brooding, compelling verses, ‘We!’ Is invigorating and delightful.

A fitting celebration of years and years of collaborating and playing music together. Karol and Richard’s 3rd released single is a show-stopping piece of euro-pop that demands one listen after another.


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