Home Again by Anthony Benjamin


Feel the freedom and golden rays of sunshine on a spring day with artist Anthony Benjamin’s warm and comforting song ‘ Home again’, dropping on the 2nd of February from London, UK. An electro-pop song, home again is like drifting into your safest place or happiest memory, in the form of sound bites. Anthony thinks that the remedy to existing in this world is music, and we think he does a great job at making us feel like we can conquer just about anything.

This song is top-notch quality and a much-needed boost of hope and optimism as we approach the new year with new challenges and issues to face. Anthony reminds us with his thoughtful lyrics and warm tune that it is possible to pass through what seems to be impossible. That’s the great thing about music, it’s a bridge between the possible and impossible. The song’s overall sound is freeing and chirpy, with a very reassuring tone. The song is slow and kind of reminds us of Christmas from the jingly beat. There is a soft high-note piano, sweet and light acoustic guitar, clapping, shaking, and mellow drums. The lyrics are cheerful and the vocals are very lighthearted. It’s a  really happy place in this song.