Wild by Hannah Dorman


Everything is sweet, pink, red, and glittery when it comes to the love world of pop artist and songwriter Hannah Dorman based in Surrey, UK. On the 10th of February, Hannah will have released a stunning and catchy commercial pop song that is much more tasteful than your normal pop tunes, called ‘Wild’, the perfect song for your valentines day feels this year. The song is co-written with Ivon Roperts. This is going to be Hannah’s first single this year out of her many successful previous songs, with her streaming number on Spotify as high as 1 million. Hannah is also a great content creator with a strong Tik Tok fanbase

For a pop song, this one is a hundred out of ten because we’re so bored of the same loop and the same beat pop artists usually do these days. Hannah defies the stagnant pop movement with her style and taste in her musical choices and making. Sugary, flirty, and full of confidence, this song will be so contagious as you start listening to it. It’s basically a song of appreciation to a good lover. The overall sound of the song is bubbly, flirtatious, and lively. The musical arrangement is rich and dynamic. The soundscape is a medium-paced pop tune that has a groovy, electric guitar on a loop and a little synthy and fun sound effects that create a lot of texture with the different types of vocals Hannah does. This is a completely cool pop sound, and the melody is flirtatious and sexy. The drums stabilize the pace, and the vocals are just so angelic, strong, and teasing to the listener. It shows that Hannah’s personality is outgoing and charismatic indeed. Tune in as soon as the song hits your music platform.


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