I Can’t Go On (Without You) by Paul Vinson


Paul Vinson, a Nashville-based artist is set to release his song “I can’t go on (without you) from his debut full-length album on the 22nd of September. It features Paul Vinson on vocals, Noah Pope on drums, Carter Hartley on guitar and BGVs, Conner Rogers on keys/synth, and Jack Filipovic on bass.

 I absolutely loved the cover featuring Vinson, it’s very creative. I love how it’s slow-paced yet so compelling. I loved the guitars and how simple they sound yet powerful! This song reminds me of the pixies, but a modern rendition of them. I feel like this song could be played in a coming-of-age movie where the lead is conflicted over their feelings towards someone, it has such a beautiful vibe to it, almost cinematic.

 All in all, I fell in love with this track. Amazing instrumentals, beautiful lyrics, powerful vocals, the perfect combo. This will surely put Vinson on the map, and I cannot wait for the release of his full-length album!



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