I Feel Good by Parasoul


This offering from Pàrasoul is a healthy fusion of colors and styles that result in a healthy, rich, rocking sound that’s so bright and optimistic, it’s enough to break the clouds apart on a rainy day.

Pàrasoul is the moniker for Stephen Baumann, a California-based singer-songwriter whose sound mostly revolves around light indie pop, and often veers into the realms of folk, all the while bringing joy and happiness with his lighthearted sound and his soulful voice. I Feel Good, the title of his latest single, is a bright indie rock number with gorgeous, reaffirming lyrics and succulent, overdriven guitar riffs. 

As is easy to presume from the song title, I Feel Good is light and reassuring. Pàrasoul’s riffing on the song is fine and empowering, his voice though is what gives this song its real shape. Pàrasoul sings his heart out on this song and really aims to drive home the point that in spite of having life giving him hard times, he manages to maintain a positive and optimistic view of life, and keeps on feeling good.

Pàrasoul states that if his music touches the heart of one person, then he will have done his job. Well rest assured Stephen, you’ve done a beautiful job.