The Philosopher by Luna Keller

Roger Keller

Luna Keller’s latest offering, ‘The Philosopher’, is a piece of folk that resonates deeply, and hits hard with its musical and lyrical imagery, without losing for one moment its grace or elegance. An endlessly gorgeous piece of introspective songwriting.

Luna Keller is a Spanish-German singer-songwriter of gorgeous folk music, and her latest piece of music has seen her move camp from the cold German winter down to Tenerife, Spain, to work the basis of this song in her father’s home studio over the period of January and February, and the results are sublime and serene. A song about overthinking individuals that spend their time thinking about things instead of doing them, the song gently stirs and opens the eyes that maybe doing one thing without mulling over every possible outcome is healthy every once in a while. 

The music is gorgeously simple and beautiful. Revolving around Luna’s introspective delivery and heartfelt words, the backing harmony is gentle and ethereal, composed primarily of a finger-picked acoustic guitar, vocal harmonies, singing moving counterpoints, along with an ever-so-gentle percussion, and the results are warm, inspiring, and moving. 

‘The Philosopher’ is a show-stopping piece of heart-rending folk, beautifully written, warmly delivered, and lovingly sung. One more beautiful addition to the already illustrious portfolio of the lovely Luna Keller.


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