I Know by William Moore


Staplehurst, UK-based artist William Moore released a new commercial pop song called “I know, on the 17th of October. Moore has been playing music ever since the age of 4 and started writing songs at the age of 9. He’s now a multi-instrumentalist, who can play the flutes, saxophone, clarinet, and guitar. Moore has always had a passion for storytelling and has had the desire to weave stories through music. He believes it’s the most concise way of telling stories, and that’s totally true! His new song was inspired by wanting to write a song that celebrates the love between couples.

I know is all about love and happy moments in the drug of love. This one is for all the lovebirds out there who can’t get enough of each other. When we think of love, we instantly think of laughs, sunsets, and feeling free and high above the ground, and that’s what Moore does to you in his new song.

You just feel like you wanna fly away from how happy you are. The lyrics are a collection of happy memories recalled by Moore with his partner. The words are so picturesque you can easily imagine yourself in the situations he’s singing about like being on the beach kissing your loved one. The overall sound of the musical piece is chirpy and happy. The tone is cheerful and exciting, just like your heart when it’s thumping so fast in love, which the rhythm precisely mimics.

The rhythm starts really slow at first with simple piano notes and then continues through the whole song in an extremely fast beat. The musical arrangement of the song is simple yet very catchy, with a lot of movement in between transitions of the sounds. The music is composed mainly with some cheerful piano and intense drums mimicking the pace of an exciting heart. The vocals of Moore are high pitched with many parts of the song sung with absolute no breathing which is really hard and amazing! Take a boat to the island of love far away, and paint your day with colors of pink and red with memories of your love with this song. 


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