Sexual by Shab


Even if the weather is getting colder, the bright pop star Shab is bringing the summer heat to us through her latest hit, “Sexual.”

Shab is a prolific pop artist that has gone through many stations in her life journey till she reached the chapter where she’s mesmerizing us with her airy, energizing music. I got to know the Iranian-born, Dallas-based, mother of two, and pure musical talent when I listened to her single, which was released in July, “Serenity,” and wrote about it a month ago. Now, here I’m again, enjoying once more her latest creation, “Sexual.”

“Sexual,” with its pulsing rhythms and sultry, alluring vocal line, will perfectly fit into your dancing playlist. Right from the bouncy intro and the (Li Da Di) singing, you’ll be set in the steamy dance floor mood. Each component is mashed seamlessly with the other to offer the desired energy and get you hyped up.

The vibrant set depicts female sexual tension, desire, and passion for someone. Shab’s dulcet vocal performance conveys bold lyricism with a sensual, hypnotic timbre to adjust your atmosphere to the blazing hot feel.

Shab has once more worked with Grammy-winning producer Damon Sharpe to enhance and inject fresh sense into her work. Thanks to the superb production, each ingredient can naturally flow and play a part in enticing the listener’s body and heart.

It goes without saying that Shab is an intelligent musician with a mushy upbeat sonic artistry and soulful vocals that, when combined, result in an addictive piece like “Sexual” below.


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