I Like it On You by Luch Stefano


Luch Stefano’s latest single is a beautiful acoustic number, multi-faceted, arranged to perfection, and performed with love. A sweet triumph of acoustic pop.

The Eastbourne-based Luch Stefano is a singer/songwriter who, on this latest song of his, appears as a love-ridden troubadour. The song starts with a rich, reverb-drenched acoustic guitar intro with fingerpicked delicacy. The rhythmic lines soon morph into a strummed pattern, that soon morphs yet again into the song’s proper shape, which is percussive, melodic, dynamic, and exciting. Luch Stefano’s vocal delivery is sweet and approachable, his lyrics intimate and relatable, even if they are about a mutual crush of sorts, with someone already in a relationship, the simplicity of the delivery just makes Luch’s part comfortable to listen to, and easy to get lost in. 

‘I Like it On You’ is beautiful and sincere. Taken from a 17-track album project that Luch Stefano is planning to release this year, this song got me positively excited to hear what more Luch has to offer, as his style of percussive, simple, acoustic-only music is one that I love and dearly miss. I also think that this is a song that’s incredibly easy to enjoy. With gorgeous singing and guitar playing, and a haunting reverb-drenched piano, the few elements of I Like it On You make it a direct-to-heart affair.